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Disputing debit card transactions

If there is a transaction on your card that doesn't look right, or one you don’t recognise when you check your statement, Internet or Mobile Banking app,...

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Posted April 2024

Couponing for Kiwis: How to save money with coupons

Saving money on your next purchase is just a click away...Are you looking to save a few dollars?We know financially savvy Kiwis always are! Whether your bu...

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Posted February 2024

Track your spending

One of the most common ways to keep track of your eating and ensure that you are keeping yourself accountable is to keep a food diary. This concept can als...

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Posted November 2023

Prepare For Home Ownership By Getting Your Finances In Order

Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in your lifetime, so it's essential to ensure your finances are in order before applying for a ho...

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Posted October 2023

The importance of saving 3 months of living expenses

In fact, more than 50%* of Kiwis don’t have 3 months of living expenses saved. Let’s look at some ideas to help you get started. If you’re someone who is a...

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Posted October 2023

6 Steps To Improve Your Credit Score In NZ

Your credit score is an important factor that lenders, banks, and other financial institutions (such as credit unions, like Unity) consider when determinin...

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Posted September 2023

What Support Is Available For First Home Buyers In New Zealand?

It’s no secret that house prices have soared in recent years and even though we are in an uncertain housing market, it is still increasingly challenging to...

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Posted August 2023

What Is A Recession & What Does It Mean For You?

While it’s a grim predicament, we’re lucky to be in the early stages and still have time to prepare.We’re here to support our members through this challeng...

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Posted July 2023

How To Financially Prepare Yourself For A Recession

We’re all feeling the pinch of rising inflation.From the supermarket to the gas pump, everyday costs increase month by month. Many Kiwis are doing it tough...

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Posted June 2023

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