Why become a member?

You're more than a customer, you're a member of the Unity Community.

Why become a member?

You're more than a customer, you're a member of the Unity Community.

What it means to be a Unity Credit Union member

  • Purpose. Usually, banks make decisions driven by profits for shareholders. Credit Unions and other mutually-owned businesses, however, are member-owned; so, decisions are driven by what is best for members. Unity’s purpose is to "help everyday Kiwis achieve a better tomorrow", and we stand by this every day.

  • Profit. Any money we make goes back to our Unity Community. This means, that by being a Unity member, you are helping more Kiwis, and we are doing money, together.

  • Financial education. We take the time to walk you through the options. If you don't understand what’s in front of you, ask our team they will be happy to spend time supporting you.

  • Members. To become a member of a Credit Union you must meet simple eligibility requirements. By joining a Credit Union, you will help the community by borrowing or saving responsibly.


Product benefits

Our products and services are regularly improving, and we listen to our member's needs to update them. Some great products you can benefit from are:

Personal benefits 

At Unity, we treat our members like people, not numbers. And that extends to our team and whānau too. Here’s how.

  • Member offers.  Check out the member rewards and discounts here.
  • Personalised service. We encourage our team to deliver better outcomes for our members, by taking the time to understand their unique situation. Rather than just saying “no”, we help to put you on the path to a “yes”.
  • Really helping with solutions. When times are tough, we’re here to support you with planning to help you reach your goals.   
  • Member-owned. You have an equal vote in electing our Board Directors; giving you a say in how we run your Credit Union.

Community benefits

At Unity, any money we make goes back to the Unity Community. All of us together, helping one another to get ahead and thrive financially. We re-invest in our community through a variety of initiatives, such as:

  • Not for profit. Through better products and services, we demonstrate the concept of Kotahitanga (which means Unity).

  • Closing the gap. We aim to enable 50,000 people to experience safe, long-term housing by 2033 by working alongside Kāinga Ora and the First Home Loan grant. 

  • Financially empowering. Unity aims to financially empower 1 million Kiwis by 2033. This includes helping members with financial literacy and financial education. Through different projects, we are working to ensure Kiwis aren't just told "we can't help you" but are given tools, resources, and support to put them into a position where they can be helped. While assisting our members with this, we are also ensuring our staff are learning, developing, and empowered in their own financial literacy and education.

  • Free resources:
    • First home buyers guide – a free tool for all Kiwis to help with the process of buying your first home
    • Budget spreadsheet – a free tool for all Kiwis to help maintain a realistic budget
    • Financial blogs – monthly ideas, tips, and articles that are relevant to common issues facing everyday Kiwis.