Flexible personal loans secured from 9.90% p.a.*

Get the money you need for the things you want with a Unity personal loan. 100% online application.

Flexible personal loans secured from 9.90% p.a.*

Get the money you need for the things you want with a Unity personal loan. 100% online application.

Secure your financial future

At Unity, we understand financial flexibility is essential when pursuing your dreams and managing life's unexpected expenses. That's why we offer personal loans - designed to help you achieve your goals, while being financially responsible. 

To ensure the best possible lending experience with us, we have a couple of important requirements. Click here to find out more.

Secured loan

Unsecured loan

MembershipLoan valueLoan value
New members Up to $60,000 Up to $20,000
Existing members Up to $60,000 Up to $40,000

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Personal finance rates

Our interest rates are priced using a risk matrix that takes into consideration a range of factors including an individual's credit score and affordability. Based on the assessment of an individual's financial information we will assign a risk grade and the corresponding interest rate could apply. 


Secured loan

Unsecured loan

GradeInterest rate p.a.^Interest rate p.a.^
Green A 9.90% 12.90%
Green B 11.90% 14.90%
Blue A 13.90% 16.90%
Blue B 15.90% 18.90%
Yellow A 17.90% 20.90%
Yellow B 19.90% 22.90%
Orange A 21.90% 24.90%

^Note: These interest rates are indicative only and may be subject to change without notice.
As published on interest.co.nz as at 31 January 2024.

View our interest rates and fees here. For information on our loan agreements and terms and conditions click here.


When applying for a loan it's important to consider all of the costs involved. Below is an example of the total costs included over the term of a secured vehicle loan:

Personal borrowing


Approval fee


Third-party charges


Total borrowed


Set up over a term of 7 years (366 weeks) at 9.90% p.a. interest = weekly repayments of $77.26

This example is calculated using a secured rate of 9.90% p.a. over a 7 year term. Total cost of borrowing over loan term would be $28,122.22 (indicative only). This example is not an offer from Unity.  How much you can borrow and repayments depend on your personal circumstances.  Secured floating interest rates from 9.90% - 21.90% T&Cs apply. $200 approval fee + other fees apply. View a full list of rates and fees.

What can I use a personal loan for?

The short answer? Absolutely anything! You could consolidate your debtsPurchase a new car. Or renovate your home. The choice is yours. 

Extras 1000x6673

Debt consolidation

Save time and money. Combine your debts into one monthly payment with a debt consolidation loan.

Car & vehicle loans

Car & vehicle

Whether you're buying new or used, our pre-approved vehicle finance helps get you on the road in record time. 

Holiday & travel loans

Holiday & travel

Explore the world or your own backyard with our travel loans. Just don't forget to send us a postcard!

Extras 1000x667

Home renovation

Adding value? Or adding more room for the whānau? It's all possible with our home renovation loans.



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