Home Loans
from 6.45% p.a.

12 month fixed term. T&C's apply.*

Home Loans
from 6.45% p.a.

12 month fixed term. T&C's apply.*

Buy, renovate, or refinance

Whether you're in the market for your first home, planning renovations for your current space, or considering a refinancing opportunity, we're here to support you at every turn. For more information about how we could help you achieve your property goals, contact us, apply online or speak with our friendly team on 0800 229 943.

Featured rates

Standard rate

6.85% p.a.

12 months fixed

Special rate*

6.45% p.a.

12 months fixed

Standard rate

6.49% p.a.

24 months fixed

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*Offer available for new lending to First Home Buyers from $250,000. Minimum 20% equity required. Offer also available for Kainga Ora First Home Loans. This offer is subject to change and could be withdrawn at any time and without notice. 

Fixed interest rates from 6.45% to 7.05% p.a. Floating interest rate of 8.64% p.a. An additional margin of 0.50% - 2.00% p.a. may apply depending on your Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) and property type. T&Cs apply. View our interest rates and fees.

$3,000 cash. Minimum.

Ready to invest in your future home? Apply for a new Unity home loan of $250,000 or more and you could receive $3,000 in cash (minimum) to spend on whatever you choose. Cash Contribution terms and conditions apply.

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Shortcuts to home loan freedom

In the quest for mortgage freedom, every smart move counts. Consider these tips to become mortgage-free faster.

Make repayments as frequently as possible

Consider repaying your mortgage as frequently as possible (such as weekly rather than monthly). This will assist you in paying off your loan faster and save on interest costs long term.

Repay the same amount when interest rates drop

If you’re refixing your home loan at a lower interest rate, but you keep your repayments the same, you’ll pay your loan off faster. More of each payment goes towards repaying the principal, which pays off the outstanding balance faster and reduces your overall interest costs.

Pay a little extra

A little can go a long way when it comes to repaying your mortgage. If your mortgage is on a floating interest rate, try to pay a little extra when you can. If your mortgage is fixed, most lenders will allow you to make a lump sum payment on the loan once a year (although some may charge early repayment fees, so check with your lender first). 

Making extra repayments will reduce the total amount of interest you’ll pay over the lifetime of your loan - helping you pay it off quicker.

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Buying your first home?

We've got you covered! No matter what stage you're at in your home-buying journey, we can help you navigate the process.

From preparing to buy to making an offer, find the path to your property goals with our step-by-step First Home Buyers Guide.

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Switch your home loan to Unity.

Make the switch to Unity and become part of a growing number of Kiwis who value competitive interest rates and personalised support. 

If you're worried about the possibility of higher interest rates at your current bank, we might just be the solution to help you save. Enquire today                          

Helpful guides

Two women discussing their finances

How to prepare your home loan for a recession

In today's tough economy, if you're feeling vulnerable, you're not alone. By being prepared, you can help to protect yourself from financially challenging times. 

Check out our tips for staying on top of your finances when things are tight.

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Preparing your finances for home ownership

Buying a home is a major life decision, and getting your finances sorted before applying for a home loan is crucial.

We've put together some simple tips to help you get started. 

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What happens if I can't make my repayments?

We understand that sometimes your situation can change, but it's important to keep up with your loan repayments.

Discover what happens when payments are missed and steps to prevent it.


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