Term deposits
4.25% p.a. for
24 months

Grow your money with a Unity term deposit. Choose your investment period and apply online today.

Term deposits
4.25% p.a. for
24 months

Grow your money with a Unity term deposit. Choose your investment period and apply online today.


3.05% p.a.

for 6 month term

4.15% p.a.

for 12 month term

Term deposit interest rates

Term   Investment rate^
1 month 0.70% p.a.
2 months 0.70% p.a.
3 months 1.75% p.a.
4 months 1.90% p.a.
5 months 2.35% p.a.
6 months 3.05% p.a.
9 months 3.40% p.a.
12 months 4.15% p.a.
18 months 4.15% p.a.
24 months 4.25% p.a.
36 months 4.45% p.a.
48 months 4.50% p.a.
60 months 4.60% p.a.
    • Choose your investment period
    • Interest is calculated on a daily basis
    • Interest can be paid at regular intervals (monthly or quarterly) or on maturity to any account of your choice.
    • Investors are advised of their options prior to maturity
    • Maximum deposit is $1.5 million per member
    • Minimum deposit is $1,000 for members and $500 for members under 18 years old
    • These are indicative rates only and may be subject to change without notice
    • If an early withdrawal is approved by Unity, a reduced rate of interest will apply as follows:
      • If a term deposit is withdrawn, in full or in part, within the first 30 days, 0% interest will be applied to the withdrawn portion.
      • Where the deposit is withdrawn, in full or in part, before the maturity date but after the first 30 days, a reduced interest rate will be applied calculated using the advertised rate at the time the term deposit was opened, for the actual period of time the money was invested (as determined at our discretion), less 2%. The applicable interest rate will not reduce below 0%.

    ^Source: as published on www.interest.co.nz as of 19 July 2022.

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    Making an early withdrawal

    Unity may approve an early withdrawal of funds from a term deposit. If approved, customers are only eligible for one withdrawal per investment per term. Early redemptions incur a penalty interest rate. The penalty is a reduced interest rate which will be the advertised rate at the time the investment was opened, for the length of the time the money was invested (rounded down to the closest applicable rate), minus 2%.

    For example, 

    If a sum was originally invested for a period of two years but was redeemed after six months, the interest rate would be calculated using the six-month rate as it was advertised at the time the account was opened, less 2%.

    At the time the customer invested their funds, the following rates were advertised:

    6 months 2.40% p.a.
    9 months 2.45% p.a.
    12 months 2.50% p.a.
    24 months 2.55% p.a.

    The customer opted to invest their funds for 24 months at a rate of 2.55% p.a. After 6 months they decide to break the investment and withdraw the funds. As the actual period of the investment has only been 6 months, the rate applied is the 6-month rate as it was advertised at the beginning of the investment. A 2% penalty interest is also deducted from the rate. The withdrawn investment is calculated using a rate of 2.40% - 2%, which equals 0.40% p.a.


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