Think before
you spend

Make 2023 your year to save!

Think before
you spend

Make 2023 your year to save!


It can be easy to lose track of your finances and understand some of the jargon other financial institutions like to use. Which is why we've compiled a handy assortment of blogs, tips, tricks and tools, to help you make informed decisions and keep your finances on track.

Our helpful saving tips

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Try our free budgeting tool

Sometimes it's just easier to put everything down on a piece of paper... or an excel spreadsheet. Download our free budgeting planner and find out how much you're really spending on the things you need.

You can download the budget planner here

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Make saving your new normal

2021 will certainly be remembered as the year of change. While in lockdown we had to put more thought into how we spent our time and money. Now is the time to see if we can continue with our newly formed habits and mindset.

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Ways to think before you spend

Being conscious of what we spend our money on can help us to spend less and save more. To encourage you to think before you spend, we have some questions for you to ask yourself.

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How to start saving with us?

Baywide Savings Gateway

Unity savings accounts

Check out more money saving inspiration below

We are often asked the question, how much money should I be saving? There is no perfect answer. Well there probably is. Save as much as you possibly can. Right? Easier said than done. Whatever approach to saving you take and go by, the easiest rule of them all and an easy one to remember is ‘a dollar saved is better than none at all'.

After more helpful tips and tricks? We recommend checking out some of these links below:  

  • Mr Money Mustache: A great source to help you gain your financial freedom. Click here
  • Courtney Manu: Check her out on Instagram or her YouTube channel for great financial tips. Click here
  • Sorted: One of New Zealand's top free financial advice websites, we definitely recommend checking this out if you want to broaden your financial knowledge. Click here

Basics of opening a savings account

Opening a savings account? Our guides will help you through the process.

What is Compound Interest?

Compound Interest is a great way to make your money work harder for you by earning interest on your interest! Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Compound Interest, including which of our accounts offer this great savings supercharger.


Savings accounts or term deposits - which is best for me?

Talking about saving money is the easy bit, but actually setting that money aside can be more difficult than it sounds. Whether you want to save for a new car, a dream wedding, or your upcoming retirement, there are numerous options out there that make the savings process easy.

If you’re a New Zealander looking to save, then keep reading to learn more about the two most popular savings options - term investments and savings accounts - and which one is best for you.


When does my savings account earn interest?

You’ve read the advice, listened to the experts, and now you’ve taken the first steps to a better financial life by setting some money aside and starting a savings account. But when can you expect to see the fruits of this labor? Keep reading as we take a look at how the different savings accounts earn interest, and when you can expect to see that interest hitting your account.


which savings account

What savings account is best for me?

At Unity we offer a diverse range of savings accounts so that no matter what you’re saving for, or how much you’re wanting to save, there’s a savings option with the rates, features, and extras to match. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by choice, keep reading as we examine your options in more detail and help you decide on a savings account that works for you and your finances.

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how does savings account work

How does a savings account work?

Are you finding it difficult to reach your savings goals, or find that you’re without cash at the times you need it most? A Savings Account could be your ticket to better savings, offering high interest on your savings. Read on as we go back to basics and take a look at just how a Savings Account works, and how it enables Kiwis just like you to save your money.

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More tips and blogs

5 great retirement savings strategies for New Zealanders

It can be all too easy to put off saving for your retirement, but when the day finally comes do you know if you’ll have enough of a nest egg to sustain your quality of life?

Without a regular income, you’ll need enough money set aside to cover your expenses so you’re not left struggling week-to-week. Read more to discover some of our favourite savings strategies that will help you prepare for your retirement.


Boost your retirement savings with these 4 top investment tips

Everyday expenses and the cost of living can make it all too difficult to set aside enough money for your retirement during the years you should be saving the most.

With the gap between the standard of living you aspire to in your retirement and the one you’ll actually live only growing, it’s time to get serious about investing in your future! That’s why you should keep reading to learn more about our four favourite tips that’ll help boost your retirement savings and ensure you can live your best financial life.


Opening a Savings Account? Our guides will help you through the process.

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After a better rate for your savings? Term deposit up to 6.10% p.a.*