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Unsecured or secured personal loans - what’s the difference?

At Unity, we offer both secured and unsecured personal loans. Whether you plan to buy a car, go on holiday, cover medical expenses or remove some daily str...

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Posted August 2022

What happens if I don’t pay my loan?

When considering your first loan, or a new loan, it’s important to know what happens if you miss your repayments when they’re due. Read on below to learn m...

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Posted May 2022

Will you continue to think before you spend?

We’re always looking at ways to help our members achieve a better tomorrow, like reducing your spending. If you’re ready to start saving then chat to us to...

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Posted January 2022

Savings habits should be your new normal

2021 will certainly be remembered as a year of change. Without a doubt we have been forced to think about how we spend our time and money. Our budgeting an...

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Posted January 2022

The 9 worst bits of savings advice we've *ever* heard

Not all financial advice is created equal…If you’re struggling to save, there’s a fair chance you’ll give any tip or trick a try.Unfortunately, there is a ...

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Posted February 2021

8 great ways to eat healthy while saving money on your grocery bill

Top tips for a healthier shopping list and bank balance...Did you know that grocery shopping takes the next largest chunk out of most Kiwis’ wages?It’s sec...

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Posted December 2020

Feel the joy: Great ideas for saving money this Christmas

We're giving the gift of financial freedom this holiday season with these festive money saving tips... Are you excited for Christmas, or dreading it a litt...

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Posted November 2020

33 simple hacks for saving money on groceries

Fill your shopping trolley for less with our sensible shopping ideas...Grocery shopping can take a fair bang out of your buck each week.It's frustrating, e...

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Posted October 2020

Term Deposits 101: Everything you need to know

We answer all of the questions you’re asking about one of New Zealand’s most popular investment options...Are you looking for a safe place to grow your cas...

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Posted September 2020

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