Savings habits should be your new normal

Posted January 2022

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2021 will certainly be remembered as a year of change. Without a doubt we have been forced to think about how we spend our time and money. Our budgeting and savings habits changed due to lockdown, in fact, many Kiwis found that during the lockdown they were actually able to save.

These savings came in different forms; less non-essential shopping, reductions in travel costs, no takeaways and more home cooking.

Now the challenge is to keep these habits up and continue them in our everyday lives.

Do you want these savings habits to be your new normal?

If so, the first step is to look at what savings accounts suit you to help maintain your budgeting habits and keep your savings mindset.

  • If you want to earn interest on your savings while still being able to access your money hassle-free then you could open an Online Saver account.
  • Do you have something special you are saving for and need to limit access to your savings? Open an Everyday Saver account and we’ll reward you with a great interest rate, but limit your access to help you keep on track.

The first step to successful saving is to have an account to save into and to make it automatic. Chat to us about which account is best for you so you can keep working towards your savings goals and make sure you set up an automatic payment (aligned with your payday) so you don't even have to think about it.

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