Coming together as one

ACU members notice

Posted June 2021

We are making some changes that may impact how you use some of our products and services. Please read through carefully and let us know if you have any questions, we are here to help.


Coming together as one

Over the next few months we are bringing all four banking systems, from our merged credit unions, into one. This will allow us to provide you with consistent, simple and straightforward money solutions, and enable us to fully unite under one credit union for all New Zealanders. We are working towards Saturday, 26 June 2021, to migrate the ACU system over.


What you need to know

Planned outage

Bringing the systems together is quite a significant project and whilst our team will work around the clock to ensure it runs as smooth as possible, we do anticipate a prolonged outage. During the outage on Saturday, 26 June 2021, you will have ‘view only’ access on mobile, internet and phone banking. You’ll be able to check your balances but not transfer funds or make any payments. Then overnight from around 12am Sunday, 27 June 2021, mobile, internet and phone banking will be completely unavailable until 6am. However, your cards, the ATMs and EFTPOS transactions will all continue to work as normal for the entire weekend.


New products

As we keep building for the future, we have consolidated our product suite down from 91 different products to just 21 to ensure we have relevant products to meet your needs. See down the page for information on these new products.


New fee structure

One of the key benefits of merging the four credit unions is aligning our rates and fees. This provides all 60,000 members with a consistent service and the advantages of a single fee structure. Once we migrate the system over, the new fee structure will be implemented for ACU members. See down the page and the new fees guide for further information on the new fee structure.


New website

Once our products, rates and fees are aligned we will bring everyone together under one website, with consistent messaging and information. From Monday, 28 June, you’ll notice our website will be updated and become a site for all Credit Union Baywide members to visit. All the information you need, including your login to internet banking, will be easy to find but if you need any help navigating the new website, please feel free to reach out to our team.


Key changes to accounts

These updates to your account will happen automatically from Saturday, 26 June 2021, you won’t need to do anything. View our new rates and fees flyer for full details.


New Everyday saver account

If you have a Serious saver, Education, Special savings, Expense, Super account or Home Deposit account this will change to an Everyday saver account. Everyday saver is perfect for short term saving goals. The tiered interest structure means the more you save the more you earn. And it’s easily accessed when you need it with no penalty withdrawal fees.


No card access for Bill pay accounts

You will no longer be able to access your Bill pay account using your EFTPOS/debit card. If you currently have your Bill pay account linked to your card, from Saturday, 26 June 2021, it will not work and you will receive an ‘account error’ or ‘decline’ message.


New Freedom account

If you have a student account this will change to a Freedom account, the go-to option for ages 12 – 17. This account has no monthly account, transaction or ATM fees and includes multi-channel access via internet banking, mobile banking and EFTPOS.


New account names

  • Access account will change to Everyday account

  • Loan provider will change to Loyalty saver

  • Christmas club will change to Christmas saver

  • Junior Saver will change to Kids saver


New account options for your everyday banking needs

Check online, visit your local branch or call our team from 28 June 2021, if you’d like to discuss these new options.


New Everyday unlimited account

If you are a high transaction user, switching to an Everyday unlimited account could be the perfect option for you. For a fixed monthly fee of $12, you can conduct as many electronic transactions as you need including EFTPOS, automatic payments and direct debits.


New Online saver account

To help you conveniently access your savings online, from anywhere at anytime, we offer an Online saver account. With tiered interest and no monthly account fee, it is a great option to help you manage your savings.


Key changes to new fee structure - effective 26 June 2021

See our new rates and fees guides for full details on the new rates and fee structures.


Fee FREE banking for selected members

Aged under 18 or studying? Great news! We are pleased to confirm that you are eligible for free transactions. We also have fee benefits for members over 65 and those with a home loan. See our fees guide for further details.


Removal of the member rebates scheme

The member rebates scheme has been done away with in favour of overall reduced transactions fees for all members.


Monthly account fees

The Everyday account management fee will reduce to $3.50 per month (no more weekly account fees) and you will receive 20 free electronic transactions per month. After the first 20 transactions, you’ll be charged 35 cents for each EFTPOS, automatic payment and direct debit transaction. The fees will be debited from your account at the end of the month.

The AccessDebit card monthly account fee will be $1.50. Mobile banking app - free transfers

One-off payments and transfers made through mobile banking will no longer be charged the 50 cents transfer fee.


Electronic transactions

Electronic transactions will include EFTPOS, automatic payments and direct debits. The fee for each electronic transaction will be 35 cents and this will be debited from the account the transaction is made from.


ATM fees

Fees when using any ATM, including ACU ATMs, will be $1 per transaction charged at the time of transaction. This includes a balance enquiry.


Fees for seniors over 65

Members over the age of 65 will no longer be exempt from electronic transaction fees.


Other fee updates

Please read through our new fees guide for full details on all fees effective from 26 June 2021.


How can you save money on fees?

  • Ensure you’re using the right account for your needs. Talk to us about our range of products.

  • Request cash out when using EFTPOS.

  • Set up internet and mobile banking to easily access your accounts 24/7.

  • Minimise staff assisted transactions, instead try using phone banking, internet banking or mobile banking.

  • Change to FREE email statements to avoid the cost of paper statements.


If you have any questions about the changes outlined above or about the new rates and fees guide, contact your ACU team on 0800 22 99 43. If, for any reason, the system change is unable to go ahead on Saturday, 26 June, we will provide updates via the website and our Facebook page. We appreciate your patience as we work through this significant change.



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