Overseas Certification

If you are updating your expired photo ID while residing/resident overseas with a NZ Drivers Licence, NZ Passport or a foreign Passport as photo identification you will also be required to provide confirmation of your residential address. Please note in addition to our internal processes you will be required to certify a colour copy of your original documents by a person who is authorised by law in that country to certify documents. These are to be uploaded to the web link submission form.


Examples of persons who are able to do this verification are provided below. Certification must be carried out within three months preceding their presentation to CUB for identification purposes.


Authorised in the relevant jurisdiction.


A person holding a current practicing certificate and membership of a recognized overseas professional body for the legal profession.


A person with a full and current practicing certificate or member of a recognized overseas accounting body.


NZ citizens/residents overseas may use:

  • Commonwealth Representative Consulate of New Zealand or Honorary Consulate of New Zealand

The following acceptable overseas address documents that detail name and address can be presented are:

  • Bank Statement (dated within the last 3 months)
  • A document issued by a government agency (dated within the last 3 months)