Let's celebrate when our members achieve something awesome with our High Five award. Each month we'll choose a Unity Community member who deserves to be rewarded with $200 because they've reached their money goal.

You could even nominate another member you think deserves it.

Simply tell us below about a goal you've achieved and we could reward you with $200. Nice!

Congrats to our previous High Five recipients:

  • Scyla - After 6 years, Scyla has paid off her student loan of $20,000 - earlier than she'd planned! She's now putting more towards her savings with each pay. Nice!
  • Selevasio - After consolidating his debts, Selevasio has been able to save for a rainy day and help with things that needed to be done around the house. Awesome!
  • Terence - Who now has his own car after improving some lifestyle choices and getting back on track. A journey that has taken him 40 years! 
  • Xzaria - Who paid off a utilities debt to help improve her credit score with a goal of getting a loan in mind. Ka Pai!
  • Max - Who stuck to a budget for a year and was able to move out of her Aunt and Uncle's place. With three months' living expenses saved, too!
  • Krystle - Who has saved $10,000 towards a deposit on a home. Not easy, but so rewarding!
  • Helen - Who paid off her third of the house paint and still had some savings left over
  • Krystle - Our super-saver!  Who has put away over $4,000 to contribute to the university fees of here tamahere
  • Myra - A $15k saving in her KiwiSaver towards a house deposit. Epic!
  • Kevin - Who paid off the mortgage for their retirement home in just four years.
  • Viv - Who paid $7k off his car and is now saving to re-spout his house. 
  • Saxon - For saving $30k in his KiwiSaver towards a first home for his whanau.


By applying, you accept and agree to the award terms & conditions available to read here.