How much vehicle finance do I qualify for?

Work out how much car finance you can afford with our calculator

At Unity we can lend up to $60,000 (secured) for your next vehicle. Check out our calculator to find out how much your weekly repayments will be based on the amount of money you’d like to borrow.                          

If you want to know exactly how you qualify, take the first step and fill out our online affordability check. It’s that simple!

Still unsure? Call our friendly team on 0800 229 943 to discuss your needs.

Applying? Don’t forget these additional expenses:

Before you submit your application, ask yourself how much can you comfortably afford to pay towards your repayments. When you’re coming up with a figure, don’t forget to budget for all of the other costs associated with purchasing, owning, and maintaining a vehicle.

This includes:

  • Warrant of Fitness
  • Vehicle Licensing
  • Car Insurance
  • Servicing
  • Maintenance (e.g. tyres, brake discs, cleaning materials etc)
  • Consumables (e.g. petrol, oil, batteries).

Need to borrow more? Increase how much you’ll be approved for by:

  • Consolidating your debt

    If you’re juggling a number of debts, it’s a good idea to combine them into a single loan. Having just the one repayment will make it easier to manage, and you’ll save money with a lower interest rate, too!
  • Reducing your credit

    Cut up one of your credit cards or lower your credit limit across all your cards. Remember, a potential lender takes into account your credit limits whether you spend up to your limit or not.
  • Maintaining a good credit rating

    Paying your bills on time or snowballing your debts are just a few ways to show you’re a responsible borrower and improve your credit rating. This increases your chances of borrowing at the best interest rate, and for the amount you want.


Want to know your options?

Try our vehicle loan calculator.