Unity responds to BIN attack

Posted October 2022

BIN Attack

Unity responded on Friday 21 October 2022 to a Bank Identification Number (BIN) attack that affected approximately 600 Debit Mastercards cards from our members.

The scammers, using technology that systematically generated card numbers and tested them for active accounts through a key merchant, were intercepted the same day and immediately blocked.

We remain committed to the credit union ethos of ‘people helping people’, with each affected member being individually contacted by our team with any fraudulent charges reversed. 

While the number of impacted members is small, we are working hard to make good on this BIN attack, and mitigate any further attempts to compromise our systems. We acknowledge this is disruptive to members and are doing everything possible to resolve the issue.

We would like to encourage all Kiwis to be on the lookout for increased scam activity and to take extra steps to protect yourselves.

If you think your card may have been affected, contact us at enquiries@unitymoney.co.nz and we will work with you to resolve the issue.

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