MoreFM and Unity High Five Award

Posted March 2022

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Unity proudly partnered with MoreFM to create the Unity Community High Five Award.

Listeners submitted what money goal they’ve reached and some were rewarded with $200! Across all of Aotearoa, we engaged 11 local stations to reward 55 Kiwi’s for reaching their money goals.

Aligning with our purpose of doing money, together, this partnership not only rewarded these Kiwi’s, it helped listeners be inspired and educated as well. When Kiwi’s hear their peers working towards achieving their money goals it helps them get started with their own. Plus we rewarded some awesome achievements including starting kids savings accounts, buying homes and saving for a ute. They really did the mahi!


Ka pai to the Unity Community High Five Award winners! Here is just some of the great Kiwi’s that we rewarded:

Johanne, whose daughter Lucie has almost paid off her student loan.

Ashley, who started a savings account for emergencies. Yus!

Carol, good luck buying your house!

Natalie, who will build a vege garden to save money.

Janae, who is saving for a horse. Wow!

Nathan, for his kids savings accounts.

Raeleen, whose 12 year old daughter Danni is starting her own business! Go Danni!

Joanne, whose son is saving for his ute. Nice!

Kylie, who is saving for her kids camp.

Sisilia, who started a kids savings account.

Laura, who is almost debt free. Keep it up Laura!

Courtney, who is trying to buy a family home.

Hannah, started savings accounts for her 4 kids. To learn about money.

Haylee, to start her kids saving for a house deposit.

Darelle, whose husband lost his job so is starting his own company. Great mana!

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