Unity reduced Simon's repayments by $1,969 per month!

Posted October 2022

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When Simon was first referred to Unity, it was obvious that his level of debt was starting to weigh on his mind.  Simon was struggling to see a positive outcome for his financial situation. With $4,110 owed to various debt facilities every month, even paying for everyday essentials was becoming a challenge.

In fact, when the initial request to incorporate all Simon's lending didn't meet the current requirements, our team reworked the application to see how we could better assist.

The final outcome was a reduced loan amount of $2,140 per month; making a significant impact on his money management and outgoings, and giving him greater peace of mind for the future.

How Unity helped Simon:

  • Customer goal:  Improve cash flow and personal wellbeing; tidy up debt facilities

  • Current debt: Personal loans with Unity and Avanti; credit card with SBS; store cards with Farmers, Q Card and The Warehouse

  • Approved by Unity: $46,000 personal loan over a 7-year term at 14.90p.a. unsecured

Previous minimum

monthly repayment

New minimum

monthly repayment



Why Unity?

At Unity, we do money differently. We’re member-owned so any money we make goes back to our Unity Community. We offer simple, smart money solutions – from savings and loans to everyday banking – to help Kiwi’s get ahead. Plus we provide useful tools on our website that help you through the loan application process, and our dedicated support team is with you every step of the way.

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