Tackling debt one step at a time

How Unity saved Kate and Gabe $640 every month!

Posted October 2022

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With the cost of living rising (from groceries, fuel, school fees and more) so, too, was Kate and Gabe's debt.  For this couple, credit card, store card and personal loan debts were mounting. With a future plan of homeownership in mind, it was becoming increasingly difficult for them to save for a deposit.

By consolidating their debts through Unity, Kate and Gabe's repayments were reduced by $640 a month! Allowing them to save more and get one step closer to owning their first home.

How debt consolidation with Unity helped Kate and Gabe:

  • Member goal: Improve cashflow to support saving towards homeownership

  • Current debt: Personal loans with Finance Now and Harmoney, store cards with Q Card, Gem Visa and Finance Now, and credit cards with Diners, Westpac and ANZ

  • Approved by Unity: $50,000 personal loan over a 7-year term at 14.90% p.a. unsecured

Previous minimum

monthly repayment

New minimum

monthly repayment

was $1,608

now $968

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