5 tips for decorating on a budget

Posted July 2016 by Newanderthal Design

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5 tips for decorating on a budget

Good design is all about detail and you don’t have to spend a fortune to re-invent your home. I am going to share with you 5 interior styling tips that can evolve a space into something to be proud of while sticking to your budget.

1. Sort out your cushion game
Make sure your cushion inserts have enough volume that they sit well. After time, cushion inserts can compress and loose their shape so they start to fold over. Purchasing inserts to either add to the existing ones or replace completely will give volume to your cushions again and perk them back to life.

2. Create a photo wall
Most of us have a few frames with some family portraits etc. around the house. Photo walls are great because they provide a home for family photos and a gallery that exudes a homely ambience. Plan a layout on the floor first with the largest piece in the centre before applying to the wall to ensure a nice balance.

3. Get hooked!

When it comes to a stylish home, clutter and lack of organisation is a beast. A wonderful way to help battle this and create an entranceway is to get a coat hanger! A freestanding one is great if you have the space, otherwise a rack will do the trick. Find one that incorporates a shelf to give you an opportunity to decorate and provide a trusty spot to chuck keys when you get in the door, ready for when you leave.

4. Crafty in the kitchen
If your kitchen is looking a little bland a little DIY paint can go a long, long way. Consider a spot that may work for some chalkboard paint to provide somewhere to jot down recipes and lists. This look is contemporary, fun and functional. Just make sure you use some strong masking tape to frame up the edges to ensure a clean finish.

5. Bathroom luxury
A soak in hot water feels the same to a prince and a pauper and we all deserve a bit of luxury. Most of us have the odd product lurking on the corner of our bath, handy yes, luxurious? Not so much. A bath shelf sits on the edges of your bath and provides a surface to hold things, things like soaps, candles, loofahs and champagne! Timber looks contemporary and provides a chance to style your bathroom smellies rather than cram them in the corner.

Header photo credit: kitchenandliving.com
Bath shelf photo credit: Whisky Ginger

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