I have a bad credit score, can I still apply for a car loan?

A low credit score shouldn’t be a barrier to financing your next vehicle

Here at Unity, we believe that every Kiwi deserves to live their best financial life. Even if your credit score isn’t in great shape. That’s why we consider each application on its individual merits. So yes, you can still apply if you have a low credit score.

When we review your application, we take into account your current situation, including factors such as your credit history and your capacity to make repayments. Why not find out if we can help you with a car loan by filling out our online affordability check?

Once complete, we can walk you through your options.

If you’re still unsure, please contact our team on 0800 229 943 and they’ll help you out.

Please Note: Applicants must not be currently bankrupt or entered into a NAP (No Asset Procedure). A lower credit score may also affect the final interest rate as well as the amount you can borrow.

Credit Scores leaving you confused? Then consider:

  • Not sure what your credit score is?

    Visit the Credit Simple site here and find out your credit score, for free, instantly.
  • Boost your credit score

    Before submitting your application, it can pay - literally - to work on improving your credit score. A better credit score could give you access to higher amounts, lower interest, and an easier approval process. 
  • Purchase your next car with confidence using our checklist

    Buying a new or used car is a big purchase, so prepare with our car finance checklist that's chock-full of the things you need to consider.


Want to know your options?

Try our vehicle loan calculator.